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Your privacy

This site aims to be as unintrusive as possible.


The site uses three cookies.  The main one is a session cookie to remember details about what you have ordered if you use the shopping facilities, and similar purposes.  This cookie is deleted when you leave the site, and no information is retained from visit to visit.  The others are used to track whether you have changed the font size (so that it stays changed from page to page) and whether you have java script on your computer.  These remain on your computer unless you delete them.  Deleting the cookies will cause no harm.

You can set your web browser to refuse cookies from this site.  In that case, it may work slightly less well, and you won't be able to make purchases or sign up to webinars.

Hidden code

This site does not use hidden code (such as Google Analytics, for example) to collect information about you or your visit without your knowledge.

Personal details

Any personal details you provide – to place an order, book onto a webinar or contact Paul by email – are used primarily for that purpose.  Fields with a red asterisk are mandatory: the purpose cannot be achieved without some information in that field.  All other fields are optional.

You may be contacted occasionally in the future, with information about services and products that may be relevant to you.  If you do not want this, please contact Paul, using the button on the left-hand menu.

Your information is only passed on to other organisations if this is an essential part of the service you have asked for.  (For example, the webinar hosting site needs to know who has signed up.)  This is the only situation envisaged when your details will be passed on.  You will be informed if this situation changes.