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Data Protection and the Cloud

DP & Cloud cover

The majority of charities and voluntary organisations now take advantage of it, but cloud computing does not sit easily with the Data Protection Act.  This booklet provides an expert introduction to the legal and practical data protection risks involved in using cloud services.

Data Protection and the Cloud highlights the risks an organisation’s use of the cloud might generate, and gives a management overview of remedial measures that might be taken.

In particular the booklet covers the implications for cloud computing in regard to:

  • The Data Protection Principles
  • The Data Controller/Data Processor relationship

  • Security

  • Mitigating security risks in the cloud

  • Transfers abroad

  • Other legal and technical implications for cloud contracts

  • Responding to breaches

  • Enforcement

  • The proposed new EU Regulation and other measures

  • Checklist when you are considering using cloud services

Price: £9.95