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Since I normally work from home, my services have not been unduly affected by Covid-19 yet.  There are minor implications of the virus for data protection, if you start to collect additional information about the health of your staff, volunteers and their families, for example, but that's OK as long as you ensure that people know what you are doing and why, don't collect more information than you need, don't use it for other purposes, and don't keep it longer than necessary.  There is further guidance on the ICO website (

Leaving the EU

Although GDPR is derived from an EU Regulation, the UK's Data Protection Act 2018 incorporates GDPR - with only a few largely technical amendments - into UK law.  Very little will therefore change once the UK leaves the EU, although it could in theory change in future, of course.

The only area where problems may arise is for organisations which want to export data to the EU.  Whether there are any difficulties with this will depend on whether the EU decides that the UK has an 'adequate' data protection regime.  This adequacy question cannot be considered until after the UK has left the EU.

Need more Data Protection support?

Maybe you've just started out being responsible for Data Protection and feel a bit nervous.  Or maybe you manage it OK day-to-day but occasionally hit a corker of a problem.  Either way, you need my Data Protection support service.  Quick and friendly support, by phone or e-mail, whenever you need it, with no limit on the number of times you use the service, and at a very affordable price.  Click here for more details.

I'm an independent consultant whose whole career has been spent working with charities and other voluntary organisations.

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